Jewellers Block

CJB Insurance Services Can

  • Provide the best advice to assist in choosing the right policy
  • Negotiate the best terms using our buying power
  • Offer a wide selection of reliable insurers
  • Present you with alternative quotations and recommend the right one for you
  • Assist in choosing the right type of safe, alarm system and/or other security
  • Explain how warranties affect your rights in the event of a claim
  • Review insurance obligations in leases
  • Advise and guide you through claims
  • Ensure that all legitimate claims are paid quickly and in a fair manner


For Your Security

CJB Insurance Services Can

  • Provide contact names of reliable suppliers
  • Check that equipment you are being offered meets insurers' requirements
  • Check that alarm installers are authorized by ULC (Underwriters Laboratories Canada)
  • Renegotiate impractical requirements of insurance company surveyors
  • Help you avoid problems with your insurer by discussing proposed changes to your security equipment or requirements for new premises at the planning stage

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