Jewellers Block Insurance Toronto


Our name says it all.

We are Canadian Jewellers Block Insurance Services Inc., but that is rather a mouthful, so we have become known as "CJB".

We are dedicated to providing insurance solutions for jewellers, diamond merchants and, in fact, any business related to the jewellery industry.  We were formed in late 1998 by Meredith Thomas, one of the best-known names in Canada for this type of insurance.  Subsequently we have built up a team of professionals who are dedicated to serving the jewellery industry.  We believe that no other broker in Ontario has such a team, dedicated solely to Jewellers Block clients.

Currently several hundred jewellers have entrusted us with their insurance requirements. Such trust is not earned easily. We provide a friendly personal service based on a wealth of expertise and work with our clients in strictest confidence. Every insurance program is built around the client's business, because there are no standard Jewellers Block policies. You see we don't just sell insurance, we provide service, lots of it.

Claims are an intrinsic part of our service. Hopefully you will never need to claim, but if you do, we will guide you all the way. Over the past twelve years we have successfully processed millions of dollars worth of claims for our clients. After all, claims are our "end product".

Professional Insurance Services for Professional Jewellers.

CJB Insurance Service offers full insurance services, including:

  • Jewellers Block
  • Equipment and Commercial Buildings
  • Courier Shipments
  • Promotion Insurance
  • Carnet Bonds

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